Art is my primary vehicle for Magick

About Me

I am a mixed media artist, drawer, painter, and all around tinkerer.  Whatever materials I work with, my art has always been a means to access the unknown.  By delving into art, I have found new worlds emerging that beckon me into them.  My work becomes a landscape into which I can project myself and experience a journey of the soul.  

From childhood, art has been a means of escape.  As early as I can remember, I used to sit through the hours of church services doodling on the envelopes intended to collect cash from drooling devotees.  Drawing became a way in which I could get away from the oppressive, heavy environment around me.  This practice trickled over to school filling all of my work pages with doodles in any empty space on the page.  Still, I did not really consider myself an “artist” at that time; just someone who liked to draw.

In community college, I signed up as an architecture major.  When looking over my required classes, I saw a lot of math was required but also Drawing I.  I signed up for the Drawing I class first.  Then I took Drawing II.  Before I knew it, I was waist-deep in drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking classes.  Holy crap!  I was an art major and I didn’t even know it.

Once properly focussed, everything made sense and my school career flourished.  In high school, I barely passed.  I just didn’t care and had dropped out twice.  Once I had access to higher education and was in the driver’s seat, I quickly found myself on the Dean’s List.  By the time I transferred to Arizona State University, I was able to get several scholarships to pave my way.

The Push and Pull of Chaos and Control

Art is my primary vehicle for Magick.  My artwork has developed along the way as my interests and techniques have changed.  One thing that has always remained consistent is that my work springs from a well of emotions found in my subconscious.  The focus of all of my work has primarily been on the “other side” of things.  I have always been interested in the dream-state, the unknown and unknowable, emotions associated with longing and desire, and the mystical.  Altered states of consciousness are a primary influence on my work.  My compositions and subject matter spring from the dark well of my unconscious mind.  The work is a deliberate interaction between my conscious, logical mind and those seemingly random and uncontrollable improvisational acts that drive the work forward.  It is the push and pull of control and chaos that creates the final image.  For me, making art is an activity; an action I am participating in.  It becomes a conversation between myself and the greater influencing forces around me.

The methods I employ in my work are meant to keep the balance between intention and randomness.  Most of the time, I do not start working with a defined plan.  I like to work on a flat surface, often with a lot of water.  Water is an important element as it represents the unconscious mind, the divine feminine, and chaos.  The water inevitably behaves just how it wants to.  I have some influence on it, but ultimately, no control.  This stage of my work is play time.   Often, in this phase of creation, the work tells me what it is and what I should do next.  


I often exploit the one worst thing about living in Arizona for the wet phase of my work.  The sun dries things really fast.  This means I can create a pretty decent puddle on a piece and then set it outside in the summer and it is dry in minutes.  I am able to build up layers and discover unique textures and effects by taking advantage of the blasting sun.


As an Earth sign, I cannot help but to create with my senses.  Looking at my portfolio, you can quickly see the Earth sign influence.  From my color choices to the very tactile approach to creating texture, I work to appease my Taurian preferences.  There are stages in my work where I am cutting thick paper with an xacto knife or sanding through layers of paint on a wooden surface that I often think of as “plowing the field”.


Everything in the chaos must be ultimately brought to order.  This operation is of the conscious mind.  I will observe and think on the piece as I am working on it.  Decisions must be make, details drawn, paper cut and fastened down. In the end, it has to be something we all should want to look at.  These aspects of the work are Mercurial and ruled by the element of Air.  


Today, I am the creator, owner, operator for Closet of Mysteries – an esoteric themed clothing brand offering unique shamanic and magickal designs.